The following is a list of episodes of the Furty Channel sitcom, Katelynn. The series is July 1, 2011.The series was centered on the life of teenager Katelynn Piper (played by Reagan Delgaso) and her embarrassing family as she Goes Threw Her Life with her Friends Sam and Joseph on the Crazy and Wild Fin Rides They get there self into.

Series overview Edit

Season Episodes Originally aired (U.K. Dates)
Season Premiere Season Finale
1 22 July 1, 2011 January 20, 2012
2 29 January 27, 2012 August 17, 2012
3 30 August 24, 2012 March 29, 2013
4 23 April 5, 2013 August 9, 2013
Film June 14, 2013

Season 1: 2011-2012Edit

Episode # Season # Title Original air date Prod. Code U.K. viewers
1 1 "The Pilot" July 1, 2011 1017.4
When a New Guy Comes to The School Katelynn flirts with a handsome classmate and becomes very upset, when Katherine invites him for dinner so Katelynn gets Sam and Joe to help her make sure that her Family is on there Best behavior so That they wont Embarrass her in front of him because she doesn't want him to think that her family is wired because she likes him.
2 2 "The Big Nono" July 1, 2011 1068.8
3 3 "The Cheerleader" July 8, 2011 1107.6
4 4 "The Birthday " July 15, 2011 1027.2
5 5 "The CD" July 30, 2011 1097.6
6 6 "The Lunch Lady " August 6, 2011 1036.4
7 7 "The Kid Playground" August 19, 2011 1045.23
8 8 "The Mini-Dad " August 20, 2011 1076.2
9 9 "The New Guys" September 3, 2011 1197.0
10 10 "The Backwards Play" September 12, 2011 1088.2
11 11 "The Family of 4" September 24, 20111117.8
12 12 "The Lab Partner " October 8, 2011 1127.7
1313 "The Halloween " October 27, 20111147.3
1414 "The Derby" November 5, 2011 1136.2
15 15 "The Listen Learned" November 12, 20111157.5
16 16 "The Snow Day" November 20, 20111167.8
17 17 "The Weekend Fantasy" November 26, 2011 1175.9
18 18 "The I Got A Cold" December 23, 2011 1186.7
19 19 "The Video" December 30, 2011 1057.0
20 20 "The Habits" January 6, 2012 1207.6
21 21 "The Ricky Kiss" January 13, 2012 1217.8
22 22 "The Late Dance Part 1" January 20, 2012 1228.9

Season 2: 2012Edit

Episode # Season # Episode title Original air date Prod.code U.K. viewers
23 1 "The Late Dance Part 2" January 27, 2012 201 8.6
Katelynn prepares to attend the prom with Joseph But when another guy steps in the Picture she decides that she likes that guy and that she shouldn't be going to the dance with Joe it should be the new guy she goes with because joe is her best friend.

Absent: Fred Willy as Anthony

24 2 "The Student Election" February 3, 2012 210 7.8
On the school Election Day every has it set in there Head that there gonna vote for Katelynn but New Girl Ally runs against her and she promises things that Katelynn Caint. Meanwhile Sam and Tony try to help Kathrine and Anthony look for a Car for Ricky.
25 3 "The Cell Phone" February 10, 2012 212 7.4
When Everyone in School Has the New Cool cellphone That Katelynn wants she and Sam try to Scheme there Parents to get the Money to get it. Meanwhile Ricky and Tony Teach Joseph how to Drive. and Kathrine and Anthony go away on a Lovers cruise.
26 4 "The Babysitter" February 24, 2012 203 6.9
To help Katelynn earn money to go on a trip with her friends, Rick helps his sister run a baby-sitting service. But the two quickly learn there is no such thing as easy money when they are overwhelmed by the number of kids they must babysit.

Absent: Fred WillyasAnthony Absent: Julia Banks as Katerine

27 5 "The Party" March 2, 2012 204 10.3
When Ally has a big Birthday Bash she invites everyone but Katelynn and Katelynn Gets upset with Sam after her and Joseph go to the Party after she wasn't invited. Meanwhile Kathrine and Anthony tru to Make Ricky turn his life around to attend College,
28 6 "The Rock Star" March 9, 2012 205 6.9
When A Famous Rock Star Comes to Town Katelynn and Sam Drull Over Him but He falls in Love with Sam and wants her to Come on Tour with him for 3 Months But she Doesn't. Meanwhile Ricky and Tony try to get there Parents Back on Speaking Terms So They can Go to a beach Party in Miami.

Absent: Grant Levis as Joseph

29 7 "The Movies" March 16, 2012 206 17.7
When Joseph ask Katelynn out on a Movie Date She tries to look her best and she over sleeps and she messes the Date.
30 8 "The Newspaper" March 23, 2012 208 7.5
When a journalist comes to Parkview to do a story on the students, Katelynn uses the opportunity to try to get a column in the newspaper that he works for, Meanwhile Tony, Ricky and their friends conspire to make the students seem more interesting.

Absent: Grant Levis as Joseph

31 9 "The Bestfriend" March 30, 2012 207 7.8
Sam begins hanging out With Ally Which Makes Katelynn jealous. Meanwhile, Joseph and Tony try out for the neighborhood basketball team Which Ricky is The Captain of.

Absent: Fred WillyasAnthony Absent: Julia Banks as Katerine

32 10 "The Romance" April 6, 2012 209 9.1
Sam and Tony and Ricky tries to set Katelynn and Joseph up on a Date.

Absent: Fred WillyasAnthony Absent: Julia Banks as Katerine

33 11 "The Talent Show" April 13, 2012 211 16.8
The Pipers are in charge of the talent show at Katelynn's school for a charity fun raiser.

Absent: Julia Banks as Katerine

34 12 "The Cinderella Katelynn Part 1" April 20, 2012 213 7.5
When Katelynn Gets hit with a football at gym she falls on Concsious and Ally Makes Katelynn thibk she is a Cinderella.

Absent: Grant Levis as Joseph

35 13 "The Cinderella Katelynn Part 2" April 27, 2012 214 7.8
After Katelynn gets her memories Back she and Sam come up with a Plan to get ally back fro what she was trying to do to Katelynn.

Absent: Grant Levis as Joseph

36 14 "The Ghost" May 4, 2012 218 8.2
Katelynn and Joseph and Sam believe that there is a ghost running loose in there school so they decide to hunt it down.

Absent: Fred Willy as Anthony

37 15 "The Revenge of Sam" May 11, 2012 215 8.4
After Katelynn Accidentaly Gives Sam's Personal Diary to the Front student Office and they Read all her secrects on the Air Sam is out for Revenge against Her whitch will involve Ally.
38 16 "The Yearbook Club" May 18, 2012 216 8.8
Katelynn and Ally fight over who will be the Head of the Yearbook club. Manwhile Tony thinks that he is falling in love with Sam who is totallt clueless and Ricky tries to get Advice from Kathrine on how to Really be in a relationship.

Absent: Fred Willy as Anthony

39 17 "The King" May 25, 2012 219 8.5
Ricky wins the King Contest over tony which causes tony to start slacking and not Focusing on anything. Meanwhile Katelynn Challenges Ally to a sing off which Sam Fixes so that Katelynn would win.

Absent: Fred WillyasAnthony Absent: Julia Banks as Kathrine

40 18 "The Message" June 1, 2012 217 15.3
Katelynn Sends Sam a Text message about the hot new guy which she By Accident sends to Ally who spreads it all over school. Meanwhile Sam and Ricky try to make Tony Tough so he can stand up to the bullie thast at school.
41 19 "The Beauty Contest" June 8, 2012 220 8.3
Katelynn and Sam inter a Beauty Contest at school to go up against Ally who father Made sure that She won.
42 20 "The Aloha (Part 1)" June 15, 2012 221 10.0
The Pipers Take a Trip to Hawaii were they are forced to stay in a room with wild animals in order for there trip to be free.
43 21 "The Aloha (Part 2)" June 22, 2012 222 8.3
Katelynn and Sam try to Frame Louis for the Stolen Bird and they get the reward of a Free 100 dollar room.
44 22 "The Faking Grade" June 29, 2012 202 8.5
Katelynn tries Change her grade to an A After she gets an F for Staying out all night and she tries to hide it from her Mother who already Knows. Meanwhile Sam and Joseph try to start a potetion for the Coach to start letting girls play on the Basketball team.

Absent: Fred Willy as Anthony

45 23 "The After Math" July 6, 2012 223 8.0
When Katelynn's Parents fight and her Dad walks out she thinks there getting a divorce so her and Tony and Ricky and Sam try to get them back together.

Absent: Grant Levis as Joseph

46 24 "The Summer" July 13, 2012 224 8.56
Katelynn and Sam plan to go to new York for there summer Vacation But there plans are Ruined when There Parents Find out that they faked there Signature to go.

Absent: Fred WillyasAnthony Absent: Grant Levis as Joseph

47 25 "The Grandparents" July 20, 2012 227 8.7
Katelynn and Sam try to plan a Romantic Date for both of Katelynn Grandparents. Meanwhile Ricky and tony go after the same girl which ends in the two of the fighting.
48 26 "The Cruise" July 27, 2012 225 8.5
The pipers go on a 3 day cruise that is really a cruise for people in prison and it turns into a 3 week cruise.
49 27 "The Twins Are Back" August 3, 2012 226 9.0
Katelynn Twin sister's Return from boarding school all grown up and popular more popular then Katelynn who is jealous.
50 28 "The Shoplifter" August 10, 2012 228 9.6
Katelynn and Sam get caught Red handed Shoplifting.

Absent: Grant Levis as Joseph

51 29 "The Ocean" August 17, 2012 229 9.8
Katelynn Parents think about moving to a House by the ocean but that would mean that she would have to leave her school and go to a new one and leave Sam.

Season 3: 2012Edit

Episode # Season # Episode title Original air date Prod.code U.K. viewers
52 1 "The Doctor Dinner" August 24, 2012 301 9.4
Anthony and Kathrine Invites there Doctor over for Dinner after she finds out that he is Homeless. Meanwhile Katelynn and Ricky and Tony find out that the doctor is very rich wealthy and just wanted somewhere to hide from the cops. And Sam and Joseph both try to take driven lessons.
53 2 "The Way Katelynn Changed" August 31, 2012 302 8.7
Anthony see's how much Katelynn has changed when she doesn't want to play Volleyball anymore and just hangout and go shopping with her friends.
54 3 "The Baseball Lauren" September 7, 2012 303 8.3
Katelynn and Sam want to try out for the girls Baseball team but the mean and evil new head captain Lauren wont let them.
55 4 "The Last Egg Hunt" September 14, 2012 307 8.6
Katelynn and Sam and Ricky all compete in a an Egg hunt to in a car but Ricky Sabotages both of there chances at wining and makes them think that each other did it so they would get into a fight.
56 5 "The Town Couple" September 21, 2012 304 7.7
Katelynn gets upset win Sam and Joseph win Town Couple instead of her and Mike. Meanwhile Anthony tries to teach Tony the Values of having a job.
57 6 "The Studying" September 28, 2012 305 8.9
Katelynn and Sam fail a history Test and they have to spend there only Saturday afternoon Studying with Kathrine as the teacher. Meanwhile Tony and Ricky get lost in a forest after going Camping with Anthony and Joseph.
58 7 "The Sam & Ricky Show" October 5, 2012 306 8.5
Sam and Ricky start there own TV show and making Katelynn jealous so that she Teams up with Ally and tries to start her own show. Meanwhile Kathrine and Anthony go on there 23 year Anniversary.
59 8 "The Country Boys" October 12, 2012 318 9.8
Katelynn and Sam go to the country were they meet Freddie and Sean and Autunm who offers to give them a tour around a there rich and famous country home. meanwhile Sean confesses his love for Katelynn and Sam and Freddie try's to make it happen.

Guest Stars: Harward Nelson and Sean Bird and Haylee Kilohm.

60 9 "The Pizza Boy" October 19, 2012 312 9.0
Katelynn starts to fall for the Pizza boy Chase who Sam and Tony try to tell her is a player and just will use. Meanwhile Kathrine and Anthony have to Bail Ricky out of Jail.

Guest Star: Justin Lucas.

61 10 "The Bloop" October 26, 2012 308 8.7
The cast of Katelynn gets together and share some of there funny and most Embarrassing Moments of the first three season. Hosted by Reagan Delgaso and Natasha Davis and Austin Walker and Grant Levis and Julia Banks and Fred Willy and Riley Stoning
62 11 "The Hall Pass" November 2, 2012 309 8.9
Sam Makes Katelynn Skip there 7Th period and they get caught by Mr. Crane and he wants to see there Hall Passes and they dont have one. Meanwhile Ally forces Tony and Ricky and Joseph to Play a part in her school Play.
63 12 "The Lemonade Stand" November 9, 2012 310 9.2
Katelynn and Ricky decide to start a Lemonade Stand to help there pay for there parents Vace they broke. and Joseph and Tony date twins from another school.

Absent: Natasha Davis as Sam.

64 13 "The Model" November 16, 2012 312 8.7
Katelynn gets discovered as a model by famous photographer, Kimberly . Meanwhile, Sam, Tony, Ricky, and Joseph accidentally make Anthony fall down the stairs.
65 14 "The One Who Went To Vegas" November 30, 2012 313 9.0
When Both Anthony and Kathrine tell Katelynn that she caint go to Vegas for trinas Party she and sam go anyway and Tony Accidently tells on them and Anthony and Kathrine go to Vegas and they search for her and Sam.
66 15 "The Christmas Party" December 7, 2012 314 10.8
Katherine wants Katelynn to get involved in the hospital for Charity Christmas Work but she doesn't want to and she Wants to go to a party with Sam.
67 16 "The Twist" December 14, 2012 315 8.6
Katelynn creates the brain swap Sam and Joseph has switch bodies Joseph (in Sam's body) and Sam (in Joseph's body) and Katelynn loses the Potion when Ricky and Tony spill it when there Playing Football so she has to try to figure out how to Fix them before They go to school.
68 17 "The Unlucky Sam" December 28, 2012 316 8.7
When Sam tries out for the Volleyball Team Just to be Closer to Katelynn she really stinks but she makes it she only tried out so she wouldn't be called lazy by Katelynn anymore but when Katelynn breaks her foot Sam has to go in and play and she didn't listen At practice.
69 18 "The Allien" January 4, 2013 317 9.1
Ricky meets a new girl Malley who happens to be an Allien. Meanwhile Katelynn and Sam both Audition's for a movie that will film on Katelynn's Street.
70 19 "The Cartoon" January 11, 2013 319 9.4
Mr.Ted host a challenge at school to see who can draw the bets cartoon Picture for the school Big Football Game so Katelynn and Sam both Compete to win it. Meanwhile Ricky tries to trick Tony and Joseph into giving him money for a car.
71 20 "The Money" January 18, 2013 320 8.9
The Piper's Family finds Money and they fight over it to see who gets the most amount of it. Meanwhile Katelynn and Sam and Tony find out that the money is stolen.
72-73 21-22 "The Full Moon (Part 1&2)" January 25, 2013 321-322 9.5
It's a typical night for the Piper family when suddenly when the moon is almost directly over their house. Werewolves show up as they think a party is going on. They crash the place and the gang must figure out how to get them out before Katelynn parents come home.
74 23 "The Full (Part 3)" February 1, 2013 323 9.3
The werewolves find out that the gang are not werewolves so they try to bite them. They end up biting Ricky when the gang escapes and completely forgets about him. Later, they come back and the gang gets punished, Tony is fired and Katelynn is forbidden to see Sam. They explain what happen and give them Werwolf fur as proof. Katelynn parents are shocked but accept the fact that Katelynn's new boyfriend is a werewolves.
75 24 "The Go Cart Race" February 22, 2013 324 9.7
When the annual Go Gart racing comes up Joseph and Tony and Ricky bet the girls that they caint bet them so Katelynn and Sam team up with Ally to bring the boys to see which one can drive faster and better. Meanwhile Kathrine and Anthony try to get there Parents to Move far away from the instead of closer.
76-77 25-26 "The Three Facts of Ricky" March 1, 2013 325-326 11.6
Ricky has a fight with Anthony about the Car and he say's he hates him and Dreams that his life would be nothing without his Dad 1. He would have no were to live and 2, he would not have a good home cooked meal every-night and 3. he would not be able to tell his father that he loves him.
78 27 "The Horror" March 8, 2013 327 9.4
When the town has a scare fest everyone in the Piper's household tries to scare everyone so they can win the grand Prize of 2000 dollars.
79 28 "The Pipers Music Video" March 15, 2013 328 9.6
When Katelynn and Sam release a video of Katelynn singing and Dancing onto the Internet a Big Time Producer see's it and he wants Katelynn and her whole family to make a Music Video. meanwhile Joseph and Tony think that the new girls there dating can Possibly be Animals.
80 29 "The French Teacher" March 29, 2013 329 9.8
Tony is assigned to create a song and sing it with a partner to the class as punishment for fighting. He picks Eric and they work on a song called "My Time to Shine". Its terrible, so they get detention from the Mean and Evil french Teacher. Now, Tony and Eric have to find there way to break out. Meanwhile, Katelynn dates a Boy named "Steven", not realizing he is cheating on her with Sam.

Absent: Grant Levis Joseph.

81 30 "The Old Girlfriend" March 29, 2013 330 9.73
When Anthony old girlfriend from high school Sue comes to the Piper's house for a visits claiming that she and Anthony have a son named Roger. meanwhile Katelynn and Sam and Joseph and Ricky and Tony scheme and try to find Out Proof that Roger is not Anthony's son and when the truth Comes out Kathrine has a Throw-down fight with Sue.

Season 4: 2013Edit

  • 23 episodes.
Episode # Season # Episode title Original air date Prod.code U.K. viewers
821 "The Senior Girls" April 5, 2013 40110.1
Katelynn and Sam both start there Senior year of High school and things don't go so great when they find out that they only have 1 Class together so they try to get it changed but the New Guidance consular is the Mother of Ally so there stuck. meanwhile Joseph thinks that his friendship with Katelynn and Sam is not how it use to be and he considers moving with his Grandparents in Texas. and Anthony and Kathrine force Ricky and Tony to sign up for College because they don't want them laying around the house all day.
Note: This is Grant Levis Last Appearance as Joseph.
832 "The Buying A Car For Katelynn" April 12, 2013 4059.8
Anthony and Kathrine get Sam and Ricky and Tony to take Katelynn out so they can find her a Car. meanwhile Katelynn Ditches The Gang and they think that she is trying to find out what Anthony and Kathrine are buying her but she Left them so she can Spy on Ally and Travis.
843 "The Spoiled Girl" April 19, 2013 4039.5
When Sam's Parents start to get a little bit of money she becomes Rich and starts acting Spoiled and not wanting to hang out with Katelynn and she makes Ally her new Best friend. Meanwhile Ricky and Tony think that The big News that Anthony and Kathrine have to tell them is that there Having another Baby but its not they were telling them that There gonna start working with Anthony at his Job.
854 "The Sam Replacement" April 26, 2013 4069.93
Katelynn starts to hang out with the new girl in school Tammi and not with Sam so Sam thinks that Tammi is trying to Replace her and she uses Tony and Ricky and Travis to prove herself right o Katelynn.
Guest Star: Sierra Daniels as Tammi
86 5 "The Surveying In School Jungle" May 3, 2013 409 10.7
While in Class Katelynn has a dream that her school turns into a jungle and she cant survive in it unless she becomes one of the animals. Meanwhile Ricky thinks its time that he gets an Girlfriend and so does Tony so he asked out Sam.
87 6 "The Bear Is Bad News" May 10, 2013 408 10.0
Tony and Ricky Join the Bears Baseball team so they can spend more time with Anthony but when they join the team Anthony is really Tough on them and they end up losing ever Game that they play. Meanwhile Kathrine Takes Katelynn and Sam Shopping to Look for Prom Dresses and they run into Ally and her mother Carla and things don't go pretty at all.
88 7 "The Pox on Our House" May 24, 2013 407 10.8
When Katelynn and the rest of her family get the Chicken Pox's and Sam takes Care of all of them to the Point when she gets Chicken Pox's Herself.
89 8 "The Future's Coming Back to Me" May 31, 2013 402 9.6
While Playing Volleyball Ally throws a ball at Katelynn and it hits her in the Head and Katelynn Loses her Memory she can Only remember the Past so Anthony and Kathrine try to surround her with things that she uses but No of it does the trick until tony and Ricky bring Ally and it Joggs her Memory and brings her Back.
90 9 "The We're on TV" June 7, 2013 404 9.8
Tony helps out a reality Producer with bags and she puts him and the Whole Piper Family on TV but they can only bring 1 extra person outside the family so Sam and Travis and Ally all fight for the spot. after Backstabbing each other in the game.
91 10 "The Tony's Birthday Bash" June 10, 2013 410 11.0
When Katelynn and Katherine and Ricky and Anthony all want Tony to have The Best Party Ever so they decide to Throw him a Big Birthday bash on the Street. Meanwhile Sam and Ally Get Glued to There Seats in School By a Prankster.
Note: This Is Apart of Katelynn Premiere Week.
92 11 "The Mother's Vs The Other's" June 11, 2013 411 9.63
Katherine wants to Change the House a Little Bit to give it a More Newer Look and and No one else In The House wants to Change it around but her and she is Not stopping whats she wants to do just because no one else in the House Likes it.
Note: This Is Apart of Katelynn Premiere Week.
93 12 "The Finals Daze of Senior Year" June 12, 2013 412 10.2
Its The Finale Days of Katelynn and Sam Senior Year and it Seems That everyone in the School is On Edge and Katelynn and Sam want to Make the School Remember Them so they decide to Pull The Best Prank That the School Has Ever Seen With The Help of Ricky. meanwhile Tony Tells The Girl That he is dating That Anthony and Katherine are his Chef and Maid.
Note: This Is Apart of Katelynn Premiere Week.
94 13 "The Troubled Sonny" June 13, 2013 413 10.5
While Walking in The Park Katelynn and Sam meet This Guy named Sonny who seems to be in Trouble with The Law and Katelynn doesn't want to see him get in trouble so her and Sam Sneak him back into The Piper Household were he will be Safe but Ricky and Tony and Anthony and Katherine all find out that Sonny is in Trouble and its Right to Turn him in.
Note: This Is Apart of Katelynn Premiere Week.
95 14 "The Starting Summer" June 14, 2013 414 10.8
Katelynn and Sam and Ally and Travis all Graduate High School and they are ready to start There Summer off Before they go to College and Anthony Thinks That Katelynn Should Work on Her Volley ball Skills over the Summer so she Can be better on the College Teams But Tells Her dad That she wants to Stop Playing Volleyball. meanwhile Katherine and Tony try to Help Ricky Find a Job so he can Move out into The World on his own.
Note: This Is Apart of Katelynn Premiere Week.
9615 "The Old Times" June 21, 2013 4159.81
Katelynn and Sam think about all the Things That they Did in High School and all the Fun that they Have Had and all the Trouble that they got there self in and they start to Miss High School. meanwhile Ricky and Tony try to make Anthony and Katherine go on a Date just so they can Have a Party in the House.
9716 "The Trip To New York Is Free" June 28, 2013 41610.0
Ricky and Tony Get a Free Trip to New York and Katelynn and Sam Both want to Go with Them But they will not Be able to get in Free Like Ricky and Tony so Sam gets Money from her Dad and Katelynn seems to be the Only 1 Left out and she tries to beg Anthony and Katherine for the Money so that she can go to New York with Everyone else.
9817 "The Ricky Member" July 5, 2013 41711.2
When Ricky Starts His very own band Called The Ricky and He Gets a Chance to Sing on Tv and Pretty Soon Everyone wants to Join His Band so Katelynn and Sam and Tony and Anthony and Katherine all Try to get him to let Him Become a Ricky member of His Band.
9918 "The New Song of Romance" July 12, 2013 4189.8
Sam Over Heres Ricky Singing and Writing a Love song and she thinks That the song is For her so she tells Katelynn that Ricky Might Like her and Katelynn Tries to Find out so Sam wont be hurt. meanwhile Tony makes Anthony and Katherine Pretend To Be his Rich Famous parents so he Can Try to Impress a Rich girl.
10019 "The Letting Go Teens" July 19, 2013 4199.5
Anthony and Katherine Have a Hard Tme really letting Katelynn go and do Grown up things Because in there Mind She is Still there Little Princess and Katelynn Thinks That there Babying her and Ricky and Sam and Tony all have a Talk with Anthony and Katherine about Just Letting Katelynn Do things that she wants to do and They Have a Hard time with that but they let her go and be herself.
10120 "The College Application" July 26, 2013 42010.7
Katelynn and Sam Both start to receive some College applications of The Schools That they Have gotten into and they both find out that they didn't get into the same school and they start freak out because don't want to Break away from each other. Meanwhile Ricky and tony Crash The car and The Try to Keep Both Anthony and Katherine from Going into The Garage until they can get the car Fixed.
10221 "The Separating Friends" August 2, 201342110.6
Katelynn and Sam Both Just Decide to Go To The School's That they were Excepted into and they come realize that there friendship Just might get separated right along with them. Meanwhile Katherine Opens a New Restaurant and she gets Anthony and Tony and Ricky all to work in it with her.
103-10422-23 "The College Goodbye" August 9, 2013422-42315.2
Its The Day That Katelynn and Sam go off to College and Katelynn is really going to Miss her Family she gets very Emotional and Ricky and Tony Try to Hide that there Going to Miss Katelynn But they cant and Katherine helps Katelynn and Sam Pack up there car for there Drive to College and Anthony has a Hard Time Letting His little Girl go But they all say goodbye to the Girls and Katelynn and Sam drive away to College and when they get there and Start to set There College Dorm up and They see another Bed in there Room and They Find out That Ally is There roommate and Katleynn and Sam Think That the Next Four years of There College Life will be The Best.
Note: This is The Finale Episode of The Series.