Jessica Its Love
Distributed by Furty Channel Original Movie
Directed by William Gunge
Produced by Gale Lynn
Written by Ashley Taterman
Based on Jessica
Starring Sabrina Lawrence
Christy Zinterwood
Catrina Rogers
Travis Morris
Vivian Migana
Craig Kingsford
Andy Gridshaw
Production company Smile Funny
Country United Kingdom
Original channel Furty Channel
Release date August 23, 2013
Running time 85 Minutes

''Jessica Its Love'' is an 2013 Furty Channel Original Movie That is Set To premiere on August 23, 2013. The Film is Based off the Series Jessica. The Film was Created By Ashley Taterman and it was produced By Gale Lynn and Was Directed By William Gunge.


Jessica (Sabrina Lawrence) and Brooke (Christy Zinterwood) and Jamal (Travis Morris) and Chris (Craig Kingsford) all are s Bored of The School Drill and They Just want to Have fun for a weekend so Angel (Catrina Rogers) and Robin (Vivian Migana) decides to take Jessica and Her Friends on a trip to San Diego to take a break from their Regular lives and when they get there Jessica ended up falling in love with a boy name Morris (Andy Gridshaw) where she spend a great time with him and Jessica gets into an argument with with Angel and Brooke and Jamal and Robin and Chris Because she is Spending all her Time with Morris and Not with them Its Time to be heading home and Jessica ask Morris to come to Miami with her and but he decided to stay in San Diego and Jessica doesn't want to Leave him and she wants to Stay in San Diego with Him but Angel Knows That her Mother will Kill her if she leaves Jessica in San Diego and Jessica has to Chose between Going Home and Being with Morris and she Decides That she Needs to go back Home and she Breaks up with Morris But Morris Promises to see Jessica again.



The Film reached an Average of 14.8 Million Viewers.


On March 15, 2012 Furty Channel announced that a Movie to The show was Planned and The Development For The Film Took place in The Summer of 2012 The Film original Had a Different Plot to It But was Changed in The Fall of 2012 and the production on The Film Took place in Early February of 2013 and Ended in Late March of 2013,