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Green Light
Greenlight4dk (1)
Format Teen Sitcom
Created by Paul Tame
Directed by George Mathewson
Produced by Robert vanquisher
Theme performed By
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes (List of Green Light Episodes)
Executive Producers James Oriental
Co-Executive Producer Heather Brien
Original Run January 19, 2010-October 1, 2011
Status currently Airing
Related Shows Windy Days
Production company L.O.L Laugh out Loud
Original Channel Furty Channel
Running Time 23 Minutes Without Commercials


Green Light is about Two Best Friends who Start a web show for there school called Green Light to earn Credits and points that they have lost.


On August 2, 2011 Green Light Was Cancelled Due to The writers Block and Daisy Backwood not getting along with other Cast mates.


Daisy Backwood as Morgan Captland

Tiffany Moore as Mandy Wills

Michel Stouves as Brandon Justice

Cole Griffin as James Wills